kinase phosphate的中文是什麼意思,kinase phosphate的中文翻譯_例句

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English kinase phosphate
  1. mutant selectivity and combinations of a phosphoinositide 3-kinase inhibitor compound and chemotherapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer
  2. method for speeding up plant growth and improving yield by altering expression levels of kinases and phosphatases


English kinase phosphate
moving image encoding device output torque control output delay delivery application
polyurethane combination communication service non-secure 羧酸衍生物
processing program 管道連接方法 physical 信息採集
助力轉向系統 levitate scripts 抗原分子
biological dosimetry 源極驅動 chimeric 立方體
喉部肌肉 broadcast transmission system frame 傳感器單元 海運集裝箱
wafer level package infrared detector 鑽井眼 fuel cell stack fuel cell stack member management
局部放射 dc resistance combinations of different materials lossy data
共混物 足弓 resin composition molding quantum communication network
solar heating surge protection function 振動檢測系統 network request
計算機文件 forming coating film 器硬件 密度脂蛋白
torque limit 插拔模 communication system band insulating coating
圖像去噪 舉昇 計算機輔助診斷 system classification
penile prosthesis implant 認知治療 程序創建 金融市場
compaction method 蒸氣壓縮 電子紙顯示
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